Independent living skills and support service

Our prime focus is directed over skills enhancement to exercise a more independent life and imparting career-oriented training to let our clients set themselves an objective.


Our trained professionals carry out a comprehensive assessment on individual basis. Our initial assessment aims at covering the following areas:

  1. Practical skills
  2. Communication and Social skills
  3. Learning skills
  4. Physical health
  5. Living skills
  6. Friendships and Relationships Statuses
  7. Psychological Well-being
  8. Social Responsibility
  9. Work

Our assessments are based on an approach that is holistic and target focused. It therefore involves gathering information from various sources which ensures we are able to generate a client specific approach to all what we intend to provide moral encouragement, increased opportunities of following a career path, personal independence, personalised choice and apt mental control.

Support Planning

Based on assessment result we would devise a person-centered support plan with clear aims and objectives laid down. This enables us to support individuals to achieve normalcy in their countenance. Our support plans, chalked out by our experts, would explain in much details the level of help required in all nine areas identified above, along with details of how favorable results would be produced. We would work with individuals to support them to identify their aims and objectives and, through expert support, aid them to attain their full potential.

Where a person is able to benefit from the use of technology we have built an interactive e-Learning app “Peggy” which is supported by one of our associated partners “Avail”. More details of Avail can be found below in our Associates section.

Skill Building

We believe that in order that a person fully meets his/her potential, all the stages of our nine-step assessment scheme should be in a constant state of development. All along the lifespan of our work we would constantly strive to providing people with opportunities of building and learning new skills. From our initial assessment, we would chalk out a client specific support plan that is customised for that particular individual and the skills that may appear a bit suppressed and require nurturing. Also, as part of our work we aim to provide opportunities for people to participate in meaningful group activities such as book clubs which are directed towards teaching and enhancing understanding of personal physical health, sexual wellness and social responsibility.

We also arrange tailor made social events to promote participation and acceptance amidst the wider community. We consider ourselves to be a regional voice for change by enabling people to mutually share their experiences similar to those who do not suffer from autism or other intellectual disabilities.

Career Development

It is not our way of finding people jobs; we believe in supporting people to have careers in accordance with their learning capacity to make them progress like absolutely normal beings. The fulcrum of our support program is to observe the career lifespan for an individual and monitor their development over a five year period and offer opportunities to support them to augment their skills in their area of working interest. We consider that this adds not only a uniqueness to our service but also a benefit to those who can seek our support.

The pivotal attribute of our company is providing unique and better opportunities of leading a life with continued growth and development to people with mental health, autism and intellectual disabilities, where education, health and social care and conventional job searching and services fails to deliver. Our provision of employment, education and support services would be tailored on individual skills set and what opportunities we are able to support for individuals to achieve their aspirational goals.

Employment Pathway

With the help of our supported employment toolkit we would work on individuals to identify their strengths, skills and abilities. We would focus on finding suitable areas of employment, support with CV writing, job searching, and interview preparation for them to acquire a meaningful career path.

Functional Skills Maths English and ICT

Functional Skills qualifications give learners useful, transferable skills in English, maths and ICT. Functional Skills help learners function more confidently, effectively and independently in their work, as well as life in general. We are pleased to be able to offer learners the opportunity to engage in Entry Level 1 – Level 2 in all above subject areas.

Our Costs

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Other Services

School Programmes

We are able to offer courses aimed specifically at children aged 4 yrs+ . We are a registered Training Centre and the courses we can provide are entry level qualifications.