Newcastle College

In November 2016 The Square Peg (North East) C.I.C. entered into partnership with Newcastle College. Newcastle College happens to be the largest college in the North East and they have a fulltime, dedicated support center specifically for students with intellectual disabilities. Our partnership rests on our vow to cause change for the benefit of people with autism, by offering a collaborative approach to education and employment opportunities.

Our Associates

Beyond Words

Beyond Words is a supplier of books, services and training for people who find pictorial representations easier to understand than the written word. Whether lending a helping hand to somebody with a learning disability or communication difficulty, their products and services empower through illustrations.

For someone who struggles with words, there are a lot of hurdles in getting the right health or social care support. Even when a person with such a problem approaches someone who can help, like a doctor, a social worker or a therapist, there can arise communication gap and anxieties at both ends.

By narrating the entire story in pictures, each Books Beyond Words narrative gives people the opportunity to work together harmoniously and explore different types of situations:

  • Everyday opportunities and experiences
  • Things that are about to happen, like going to hospital or to some recreational place
  • Life decisions, like having a relationship or agreeing to some surgery
  • Things that have happened in the past, like abuse or losing someone you love

We value our bondage with Beyond Words and owing to our experience we are currently working with the organization as an expert advisor, creating a book which is focused specifically on employment opportunities.

Avail Support

Avails founder, Lisa Marie Clinton, enjoys over 10 years of in-depth, hands on experience in the field of education and skills for individuals with developmental and learning debilities. The idea for Avail was sparked after Lisa Marie acquired her degree in Applied Social Studies from Athlone Institute of Technology. She then went on to work as an ABA Tutor in an ABA school and saw first-hand the importance of task analysis, discrete trial training, individualized supports, and visual alerts for children with Autism. Avail is an e-Learning app and a web portal that promotes learning and independence for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, maximizing the learner’s personal strengths. Avail provides a guide for parents or staff to create individualized, step-by-step instructions of daily tasks employing multimedia platform videos, picture, audio and text prompts.

We value our relationship with Avail as an e-Learning app that allows us to extend support in the development of skills where people have difficulties in communicating their needs or understanding complex information.